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[Movies] Special Correspondents: “It’s a character development, sure.”

I actually like this movie quite a bit. Unfortunately, the ending and the conclusion left too much bad taste for me to remember that nice feeling. They rushed the story from the middle part until the end and it doesn’t even make any sense. Yeah, they went to Ecuador, and yeah, as expected they got caught for real, then BAAM suddenly happily ever after.

The heck? Are you kidding me?

Not to mention, the character development for Finch just made him worse for me. He was okay before, I could sympathize with him even when what he did was only whining about his no good wife and their marriage problem. But after the character development, he became so stupid (reckless and careless) and annoying. And since Frank felt guilty about what he did in of his ignorance, he became too meek to control his partner’s idiotic behavior.

I feel like they switched the roles. Frank, at first, was really annoying. He was an arrogant jerk, who couldn’t care less about others. But then, he grew. He realized his wrong-doing and became well, not so arrogant.

Meanwhile Finch, at first, was your average nice guy. And they changed him. He became disagreeable after he realized his wife really didn’t love him. AND HE DID SOMETHING STUPID OVER AND OVER AGAIN AFTER THAT.

Finally, they got home; somehow thanks to Finch (Frank was like secondary-not-really-important character in this part). But I won’t forget that he was the one who was being too careless in the first place and (one of) the reason they got trapped. And I’m not sure if what he did was brave or not. It was too reckless. They were lucky they could get out of there unharmed.

…or maybe I should say it was a miracle.


I wonder which news I should take as truth and which were not. Internet really doesn’t help. With how much useless information we have to read every day, it sometimes doesn’t even matter whether they are true or false.

[Manga] 3-Gatsu no Lion Vol 10: “The flag has been raised.”

I love Honey and Clover. Well, maybe I should say “like”, since love is a strong word and my feeling doesn’t seem to compare to that. But I know I have high respect for Umino Chika, and more after I began to read 3-gatsu no Lion.

Honey and Clover did a good job telling a slice of life kind of story. However I do think it suffered quite a bit by being too dramatic at the worst of time. I mean, love is a strong word, but it wasn’t actually that strong that it could control you without you let it first. And before I forget, I have to say I never read Honey and Clover. I just watched the anime. So I don’t really know Umino Chika’s style as mangaka until 3-gatsu no Lion.

Different from H&C, 3-gatsu no Lion actually gave me not-so-good first impression. I don’t understand shogi, and I’m a very bad chess player, I never played a game with other people, but when I played against computer, I only win by luck or using undo option. Then the main character, Kiriyama Rei, came out to me as a weak looking ordinary boy, just genius enough he could be a pro shogi player when he was in middle school. It sounds contradicting? Yes, because it is.

I ranted about Konoha (MC from Bungaku Shoujo) before in my goodreads review. And Kiriyama was a bit like him at first. He had more justification for being that than Konoha, though. However, after a while I began to warm up to him. His character development was really good. And after 10 volume passed I just realized I’ve had forgotten about him as that weak looking boy.

He became stronger. And it didn’t seem forced at all.

Then when he did something that betrayed our/their expectation, what could you do except smile wryly and let him do his way. (well, you could always sigh and show your disappointment about that).

[Movies] Zootopia: “We’ve taken the guilty ship.”

I like the premise of the story. That is, you can’t judge a book by its publisher. Because publisher doesn’t publish the book that you want, they just publish the books they think you want. And it’s not wrong. It’s a logical move. The only problem with this practice, there are always something unusual and unexpected you can’t guess.

So, what the heck I am talking about?

Of course, I’m talking about Zootopia. The premise of the story is good, simple but good. And the plot is interesting–enough. However, I have one problem with the culprit or… the antagonist. I mean, since the bad guys were from the same species, it feels a little bit like they just exchanged the roles of the Cinderella with her step sisters. Or little red riding hood with the wolf.

Why it felt like they blamed it to only one person—or in this case, one species even though we know the fault in our stars—cough—pardon the lame joke. Even though we know the fault actually lies in our society.

Yes, I know it doesn’t mean to be like that. As Judy said, there was mean bunny, as there was mean fox. But since the bad guys (the main antagonist and crew) were composed by only one species, you couldn’t help but think they are the bad one. Like we thought the wolves are bad because we read the little red riding hood story, or the cats are stupid after we watched Tom and Jerry.

It wasn’t that simple, right?

I know maybe they did it just because it was easier to understand if the bad guys portrayed by only one species, to avoid confusion, etc. And if we wanted to make some excuses, it was a family related kind business; you can’t trust strangers with such thing, yeah. But well, I still don’t like it. Since it gave too much hint to the otherwise potential twist.

Well… there was still one nice twist. Thank goodness it wasn’t with the power of LOVE and PEACE.


I know in Zootopia universe they were living together in harmony. But what the heck did the predators eat? Was there any meat? Meanwhile the bunnies still ate their carrots happily.

(Answer: They were evolving to have a sweet tooth).

[Scraps] Inversion Syndrome

by: 19’s Sound Factory feat. Hatsune Miku. Credit to Uploader.

It’s easy to pretend. It’s easy to wear a mask, she doesn’t even realize. It’s easy to turn her eyes away from the truth, away from the problems that keep piling up. It’s easy to not encounter her weakness. It’s easy to escape, hide from everything she doesn’t want to meet. It’s easy to be alone rather than to socialize with other. It’s easy to be stubborn, to resist, than to accept.

It’s so easy yet so hard.


She wants to laugh at her pathetic self. She wants to blame it to her yesterday identity. She wants to crush her past individual, to become an entirely new person. She wants to erase that impostor from history.

From her life.

She wants to forget what she remembers.

She doesn’t need the thing called memories, the thing called emotions.

What she needs is something she can control without difficulty. What she doesn’t need is her mind in turmoil.


What is the true happiness, she wonders?

Why everyone seems so caught up with it? She doesn’t need something that flimsy; and ambiguous. What she needs is just a peaceful state of mind.

When she couldn’t be hurt, and couldn’t feel any pain.

It’s fine even if most people would call that condition as being numb.


False happiness is what she seeks.

And what’s wrong with that?

It’s easy to grasp the concept. It’s easy to get.


She wants to sleep forever.

Like a sleeping beauty, eternal in tranquility. She doesn’t need the prince to found her. She doesn’t need him to wake her up. Let her be. Leave her alone.


[Anime] Black Lagoon: “Rock and Groove.”

Black Lagoon – Second Barrage… I wonder why they didn’t change the title to R2 or maybe Rock and Revy or Double-Are. Seriously… why named it Black Lagoon if you didn’t even tell the stories about them? In S1 they always put focus on Revy (and Rock), sure, but they at least, still gave enough screen time for Dutch and Benny. However in S2… nothing. Just nothing. They were too busy wasting the good characters just for developing bad characters. I didn’t know what the author/director/writer was thinking when they made this.

To be fair, yeah, Revy is not that bad. Rock is not that bad. But they, sure, loved to whine about their life. I’m sorry to say… but I don’t give a crap about your viewpoint, your belief, your oh-s0-wise-words. So stop… stop spouting your philosophical nonsense as if they were the truth of the world. I’m not sharing your view, and you won’t persuade me!

Not to mention, for the story that is supposed to be realistic, Black Lagoon is nowhere near it. Destroying enemy base with only one… or two people? They didn’t even get any scratch even when many bullets passed around? And I’m not sure where they packed their ammo because from what I could see it was almost like unlimited.

The character development is bad, if there was any. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel the change within Revy’s personality a bit too forced. Why she grew to be a softie all of sudden? Why she was attached to Rock that much? I watched the previous arc and she was still the same as always, but then baaam! suddenly she was being overprotective of Rock?

And Rock got his chardev in S1 Eps 1-2, after that… he was a stagnant character who didn’t even know where his stand though liked to force his opinion on others without thinking, without knowing anything, without even considering his own strength. Did you have the right to judge other? To give value with your own view? Could you please at least defend your opinion with your own power? Lucky he was the main protagonist (maybe I shouldn’t use that word since I don’t give him any sympathy), so the Author won’t make him die just like that.

Dutch and Benny of course didn’t get any development. They focused to the antagonist or that main char’s arc too much they didn’t even have time to develop the main char’s story. It’s laughable really.

The only savings… or maybe the only remarkable thing about this show is the art. The animation is very fluid and nice. The character designs are good too. You can tell the difference between—important—characters (with the small fries) easily. And although the color looks a bit too bright in my opinion, it’s fine.