[Books] Shinrei Tantei Yakumo –Characters Commentary–

Let’s examine the supposedly-good-person characters from Shinrei Tante Yakumo and decide how annoying they actually could be?

*facepalm pose when I thought how bad the characters in this novel portrayed.

Gotou: He was the most stupid and idiot character ever alive in this novel. Even though he was working as detective, his brain couldn’t detect anything suspicious until too late, even if his life depended on it. He was prejudice and quick to jump in conclusion without considering other possibility. He was loud and childish, someone who was easy to be played (and deceived) with. His only redeeming quality was his bravery. However it was borderline reckless, and he was lucky he was still alive after what he was going through.

Ishii: He was a coward. Even though he was working as police, he cried like a little girl every time something scary (and he was afraid almost to everything) appeared before him. He seemed harmless at first glance, but he actually could hurt people unconsciously—fortunately for him, the author never considered that someone could feel hurt with his scaredy-cat reaction, so he was still as harmless as little puppy. He was smart enough in later volume—but still sometimes being an idiot who often speak hysterically without thinking.

Haruka: She was the most hypocrite character in this novel. She often said Yakumo was a contrary person, even though she was the one who said she hated him when she knew she actually liked him. She was annoyed at Yakumo for his dishonesty and sarcastic behavior, but she was the one who didn’t thank him when he saved her (not only once) and then being ungrateful princess (it got better in the later volume). Aside from that, she was the most spoiled character in the story. The author really loved her, and almost never reproached her for her wrong-doings. Other characters mostly liked her, just because she was who she was, while everyone else was being badmouthed every other page in the novel.

Yakumo: He repeated his line too much. Sometimes he sounded like a broken radio, always saying the same things without getting bored. His relationship with Gotou was a bit strange. Considering Gotou was the one who saved his life, he didn’t seem grateful to him at all. His background was too messy and if you looked deep enough, it seemed a bit inconsistent. He was like an emo teenager who likes to blame himself and the world. It’s rare to see any narrative in Yakumo POV, so he didn’t seem that bad… not to mention what he said about the other characters being an idiot was mostly true.

Other policemen: They were all useless. Is the author had some sort of grudge to the police or what? Chief Ideuchi was the perfect example of corrupted cop—whatever your excuse, that wasn’t enough reason to destroy other’s lives. Chief Hijikata was the useless, didn’t really know what his job-example of police. Then Miyagawa… he was a-okay. But he was just like better version of Gotou. His brain didn’t work that well, but he wasn’t as stupid as Gotou who could only understand something when someone feed him with a spoon directly.

Ishiin: He didn’t have enough roles.

Nao: Idem.

Hata: Id–. He was just freak. Not really a good person, but not bad either.

Makoto: She had bad taste for men. Her standard was too low if even that Ishii could pass it when all he did was being his cowardly self. He wasn’t the only one who helped you when you were possessed by the spirit, you know. And the author decided to reproach her for her behavior toward Haruka even when there was not a single thing before that showing she was like that. This was really a funny story.

Atsuko: How much luck Gotou spent that he could marry someone as awesome as her? She definitely had more bad taste in men than Makoto.

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