[Games] Kathy Rain: “Eh? Is it raining? I feel as dry as ever.”

Kathy Rain is a–point-and-click–adventure game by Clifftop Games.

I’m not really a gamer, I often just play some games to pass time and stop whenever I feel like it. I don’t really like competing at something (since normally I sucked too much) and play it just for fun. That’s why puzzle games are definitely my glass of drink. It doesn’t pressure me to do it quick and I rarely get frustrated while playing it.

I mean, as long as I solved them, yeah?

I admit puzzle games could be very frustrating at times, especially if the solutions just don’t make any sense or when they force you to use outside knowledge that you lack. Still, I don’t often get THAT stressed or plainly just dismiss it as being bad at them (I look at you Touhou, platform games, sport games, and fighting games, in general).

But Kathy Rain is actually the first adventure game I played in PC (I think?). And it was good. I love how clever the puzzles designed in this game, exception for the puzzles that appeared near the end (especially that damn poem, I still don’t understand one of the solution even after I solved it).

Unfortunately, the story is pretty average after I was no longer enamored by the good design puzzles. I felt like I was reading generic YA novel without romance. I don’t feel the characters relate-able.

Kathy in my view was just your I-wanted-her-to-be-a-complex character. Maybe it’s because of the difference in culture from west to east, I’m not sure. But I hate main character who was rude, foulmouthed (sarcasm only feels witty when you use it properly) yet s/he was popular and well-liked.

Honestly, if I met a stranger like that, I will definitely leave them alone, especially if I wasn’t the one in need of help. Fake kindness maybe is bad, but being polite is necessary for interaction with other, especially for people you are not really close to. Well, to each their own. But since I don’t think I can like people like that, there’s no way I can like main character like that.

Aside from the main character, the other characters were… uhh, okay? I felt like they were a bit one-dimensional. The plot itself didn’t really make them shine. It was a bit vague here and there. And some characters were like a tool for the writer to continue the plot.

It wasn’t as bad as I wrote it though. But the conclusion didn’t feel really conclusive with some questions left unanswered. It makes me don’t want to say it was great.

Oh well, at least my guess was right about Kathy. Although the hint was pretty clear, it was difficult to not notice.

Other things to comment… the graphic is a pretty nice looking pixel art. I wish I could draw like that. And it was nice, they always gave voice to the characters even when I was just poking around uselessly. Although if this was a lot longer, I might just skip the voice act as soon as I finished reading.

Lastly, playing Kathy Rain was still an enjoyable experience for me. I like that the puzzle wasn’t really too hard for my not-so-patience brain. It doesn’t feel too challenging, sure, but I think it was still very good designed. But don’t take my word for it. I usually play puzzle games for console and mostly from Japanese.

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