[Games] Adventure Escape Series: “It’s a hidden object + puzzle game. Not a novel.”

it’s not too challenging, actually…#kicked

I recently change my phone. Hm. It feels a bit wrong. The other day, my brother bought me a new phone for my birthday. So finally I have more powerful phone now. And since the internal memory isn’t too pitiful like the former phone, I can now play variety of games in this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of mobile games except mini games like Sudoku.

But I’ve had my fill for that and I don’t think I will install it for a while.

Then, what should I play? It’d be a waste of memory when they remain empty!

That’s why I went to adventure of searching games in the play store. One of the few games that catch my eyes is Adventure Escape Series by Haiku Games. It’s well… puzzle, hidden object games. I think it’s enjoyable enough to play while lay down and you know… just touch, touch, touch until you get the all objects necessary to solve the puzzle.

It wasn’t that hard, except when the rules were too vague or when they made me think about symbols for constellation and place in the world. I don’t have enough knowledge about these subjects! But the most frustrating thing is the hint system.

The hint system is to help player when they’re stuck in the middle of playing. But in some game, the hint system actually gave you more riddle to work out. I felt like… it was supposed to help, but it only served to trouble when I couldn’t understand it all the same. Fortunately not all of them were like that.

But the stories are just not good enough. I suppose I shouldn’t expect them to make masterpiece story like in the novel or movie. However they’re still not very good even when I try to lower my standard as much as possible. It’s just a cliché plot with bad execution, even for game medium.

Thought I really shouldn’t compare free mobile games with pc or console games. My bad.

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