[Games] Blackwell Series: “Don’t tell me I have to become a spirit medium–[spoiler]–for the universe to pour into my head just so I could understand.”

If we’re talking about David Gilbert and Wadjet Eye, of course we have to talk about the Blackwell, right? Wrong. We are talking about whatever we want to talk, but yes, this post is about that. Blackwell Series is a point and click adventure game by Wadjet Eyes. As what I wrote stated, it was a series consisted of five episodes.

I played through them all in one week. That’s why my memory is a bit fuzzy regarding them. I can’t really remember the difference between the five games and my impression for each episode. So I will just comment in overall.

Rosangela Blackwell is our lead in these games along with Joey Mallone. They were very likable characters. I think I could relate to Rosa easily because of her background as writer/journalist before she became a spirit medium. There was another main character, special for the second game, Lauren Blackwell or we would know her as Rosa’s aunt. And she was… how should I say? …cool. She felt very different from Rosa. In a good way for both of them.

The story itself was interesting. The Legacy did well introducing the story to the player, the Unbound dug the plot deeper as a flashback episode, the Convergence connected the past and the present neatly, the Deception gave the chance for the characters to grow, and the Epiphany showed you the end brilliantly.

However… there were some details that stuck in my head. I don’t think I can let them go just because I’ve had reached the ending. And it should be no wonder to anyone when I said this post would contain spoilers.

So here goes nothing.

  1. I remember Madeline said the countess or her ex-host was a good person who always wanted to help others. It was a believable enough statement considering her current (or should I said, crazy?) state, she really seemed trying to help, only with the wrong method. However, after the last game, we found out it was just not true. She broke her bound with Madeline because she couldn’t stand the life of spirit medium. She didn’t want to sacrifice her life trying to help a spirit. Now the question, why did Madeline said or lied about it? She was trapped in the empty space because of that person, and we knew she had some grudge about it. Aside from that, if the countess wasn’t a person who liked to help other, why in her crazy state she wanted to help? Did you want to say she realized her mistake, and changed after the universe pour into her head?
  2. So, Joey said something about Rosa becoming crazy (like her grandmother and aunt) if she didn’t do her job as spirit medium. In the second or third game, we know why the countess broke. And in the last game, we know the cause of her grandmother and aunt’s condition. It was actually a bit different from the countess. They never sever their bound with Joey for instance. Now the question, why did Joey said she would becoming crazy if she didn’t do her job? Yes, I know he might just say it because he didn’t know the exact reason for Lauren’s condition (and the little bit about her aunt stopped because she wanted to raise her niece properly was just some trivia?). However from the little interaction we could see between Madeline and the countess, we know the spirit medium was forced or persuaded to do her job by the spirit guide. Was there actually any actual risk though? I don’t think I see them explained this.
  3. Joey came back to life in exchange of Rosa’s. I don’t know why. I know Rosa couldn’t contain her power and it took the life out of her. But why did Joey still couldn’t go to the light? How could Rosa do something like that? Was there any important thing you had to do before you could move on? Was there any difference between Joey’s living with both of them gone ending? What? You wanted to say I won’t understand unless the universe had poured into my head? I don’t want to become crazy.

Those were the three points I’m really not satisfied with. I know I might have passed some points in the story. But I don’t really have time to play them again if there was no guarantee it would answer my question.

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