goodbye and wish her all the best

So, I’m actually feeling a bit devastated right now.

For the past few months, I’m playing garupa bandori (girls band party – bang dream) frequently. I’m casual, ofc, always casual, so I only play until I get the event card and only play again when the next event started. And… in this game, there are five (somewhat fictional) girls bands that consisted of Pooping’ Party, Roselia, Afterglow, Pastel Palette, and Hello Happy World.

They are fictional. But for popipa and roselia (currently), there are the real bands too. The members are the voice actress for the characters. And yeah… I don’t think they are that skilled compared to the genuinely focused bands out there. But they are just more interesting for me. Because even though I don’t really know who they are as a person, I do know who they are as the characters. It helped to make a bridge from someone I don’t really care about to “hey, they are the one who voiced those interesting characters”.

To cut the story short… one of the voice actresses for the characters in Roselia just announced her retirement yesterday (because of her health). To make the matter worse for me, I just recently watched their live concert blu-ray and got charmed by that very seiyuu. And she voiced my favorite characters in that band too!

Fortunately, she doesn’t suddenly quit just like that. So she’ll still be around until May. Her fans just need to prepare their heart when the time for her departure comes. Well, I’m used to following idols (although my liking to them is a bit meaner than others: because they were interesting especially when being teased in the variety show lol), so I’m used to seeing them go (graduation and retirement aren’t same, I know). Honestly though… this is the first time I was rather devastated after seeing news like this. Maybe because my interest just got peaked and haven’t entered the chill phase, unlike the time I used to be a fan of an idol. It feels like I just planted the seed and feel moved when I saw the first bud sprouted then a few days later it got stomped and died.

Yeah, well, it can’t be helped. I can only wish her all the best for the future.

Goodbye in May. You will always be the “lisa-nee” for me.




I wonder whether I will get used to the new Lisa later or get into that chill phase for Roselia or bandori in general. It is possible I would stop playing this game before or after May came.

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