[Scraps] Inversion Syndrome

by: 19’s Sound Factory feat. Hatsune Miku. Credit to Uploader.

It’s easy to pretend. It’s easy to wear a mask, she doesn’t even realize. It’s easy to turn her eyes away from the truth, away from the problems that keep piling up. It’s easy to not encounter her weakness. It’s easy to escape, hide from everything she doesn’t want to meet. It’s easy to be alone rather than to socialize with other. It’s easy to be stubborn, to resist, than to accept.

It’s so easy yet so hard.


She wants to laugh at her pathetic self. She wants to blame it to her yesterday identity. She wants to crush her past individual, to become an entirely new person. She wants to erase that impostor from history.

From her life.

She wants to forget what she remembers.

She doesn’t need the thing called memories, the thing called emotions.

What she needs is something she can control without difficulty. What she doesn’t need is her mind in turmoil.


What is the true happiness, she wonders?

Why everyone seems so caught up with it? She doesn’t need something that flimsy; and ambiguous. What she needs is just a peaceful state of mind.

When she couldn’t be hurt, and couldn’t feel any pain.

It’s fine even if most people would call that condition as being numb.


False happiness is what she seeks.

And what’s wrong with that?

It’s easy to grasp the concept. It’s easy to get.


She wants to sleep forever.

Like a sleeping beauty, eternal in tranquility. She doesn’t need the prince to found her. She doesn’t need him to wake her up. Let her be. Leave her alone.


[Scraps] FooL

Just because you mean well, just because you are a nice person, just because you are so kind

It doesn’t mean you will not be wrong

It doesn’t mean you always set your priorities right

It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt others

It doesn’t mean you can’t disappoint anyone

It doesn’t mean you will always choose the right one

Because whether you are a nice person, kind, or not…

You are still just a fool

Everyone is too

We are both foolish

We never know anything

We can only see what we can see with our own eyes

But isn’t that fine?

Being a fool

Doing foolish things

Even falling into the same hole twice

As long as you will get up again

As long as you can place your faith back into the right path

Past is something that you shouldn’t forget

Present isn’t something you can only enjoy

Future is something you have to prepare

Rather than just dreaming it as something far away

Because you don’t only live just once