[Scraps] FooL

Just because you mean well, just because you are a nice person, just because you are so kind

It doesn’t mean you will not be wrong

It doesn’t mean you always set your priorities right

It doesn’t mean you won’t hurt others

It doesn’t mean you can’t disappoint anyone

It doesn’t mean you will always choose the right one

Because whether you are a nice person, kind, or not…

You are still just a fool

Everyone is too

We are both foolish

We never know anything

We can only see what we can see with our own eyes

But isn’t that fine?

Being a fool

Doing foolish things

Even falling into the same hole twice

As long as you will get up again

As long as you can place your faith back into the right path

Past is something that you shouldn’t forget

Present isn’t something you can only enjoy

Future is something you have to prepare

Rather than just dreaming it as something far away

Because you don’t only live just once

[Games] Shardlight: “Green lung, I just wish they implied about smoking in here, somewhere, somehow.”

It’s from Wadjet Eye. I’m talking about the picture and the game.

Shardlight definitely had beaten Kathy Rain to the ground. From the concept, the characterization, the plot, and the puzzles (or maybe I’m just bitter about the poem). I still have grudge for that chalkboard. I mean… it was easy after you had gathered all the clues. But you won’t solve it if you try to brute force the answer or thinking about it without any proper guide. It stumped me good. Thank goodness the things called walkthrough is easy to search nowadays.

The story itself is really brilliant. Post-apocalypse and dystopia. What’s more do you need after setting like that? Okay, there’s more I wanted. But that’s not the point.

The story took place in a country that had been destroyed by bomb, twenty years (or twenty one? I forgot) later. But their condition didn’t change for better even after that many years passed because of the corrupt and sucky government called Aristocracy. Well, it’s a classic story we heard often, isn’t it?

Then, the interesting part… after the bomb, there was a new disease called green lung appeared. It was infectious, so the one who got it had to go to quarantine zone when they got worse. And there was still no cure for it. The only thing they could do after infected was getting a vaccine every month as long as they live. Unfortunately, the government didn’t give that vaccine to everyone. They just gave them to the people who could afford it aka the members of higher class in society.

If a person from a lower class wanted the vaccine, they had to take part in lottery by doing… a lottery job, yeah. And that was our main character did in the beginning of story before something happened and changed her—the world.

Aside for that, there was a story about the Reaper and his cult. If we were talking in the term of cooking, it was a nice spice. It didn’t make the food particularly delicious, but the taste would definitely change if we forgot to add it or replace the spice with something else.

Now, I like the idea of green lung. I think they actually could develop this part deeper to make the plot more interesting and give the concept more meaning than just a new disease without cure. Unfortunately, they didn’t. They chose to focus on the political side. And unfortunately again, it ended before it became too complicated. It is still good, I guess. Just leave you somehow a bit unsatisfied.

As you would expect from the story like this though, there were deaths and killings. I don’t mind. But… I don’t really like a certain death. I don’t think it was really necessary to kill them. Couldn’t they try to talk before pulling the trigger? I don’t like the “for the greater good” card the author pulled here. I mean… who were you to judge? Didn’t you think your method, in the end, was almost the same with the one you killed?

And the three slightly different endings just make it worse. It gave away the author’s opinion too much about that matter.

But okay. Aside for that, everything is okay and cool. The story felt a bit rushed, I think. Still enjoyable though. I felt really happy when I realized I could relate to the main character in this game so much better than I did in the Kathy Rain. It made me care more about what happened to her.

P.S (revision for previous post): Kathy Rain may not be the first point and click adventure pc game I’ve played. I don’t really remember them.

[Anime] Jormungand: “She is loco, I said…”


Her name is Koko

She is loco

I said, “OH NO!”

Ah. What a masterpiece. Really, really masterpiece. I wonder what was the Author thinking when they wrote this. Was they really thinking the plan will go that smoothly? And it’ll bring the peace we longed for? I’m very sure they were not brave enough to guarantee that considering what Koko said in the end.

“Future? Who knows what the future will bring?”

It’s a cowardly line after all the big talk.

I very much agree with Kasper though. Weapon isn’t only gun, tank, jet-fighter, bomb, etc. Even swords, spears, wooden clubs are enough for war. Did you really think people can suddenly appreciate the beautiful sky after ignoring it for so long? I don’t think so.

Who are you to decide the world’s future? Who are you to decide the fate of humankind? Who are you to decide peace? Who are you to decide the sacrifice? Who are you to say it’s better for them to die in the long run? It’s a small price to pay, you say? The end justifies the mean, you say? BUT WHO ARE YOU TO DECIDE THAT!

Then again… if you think this show as a big joke, some parody we can laugh about… yeah, it is funny enough. The punch line is definitely good. Playing god, eh? It’s something human often do from a long time ago. Maybe it’s a sickness human could never recover.

Unfortunately, there’s no scene where she fell after flying too high. The sun will burn your wing if you play too close, you know. So, I don’t think the author meant it to be a joke. And yeah. It’s really a masterpiece example of human’s arrogance.

[Games] Adventure Escape Series: “It’s a hidden object + puzzle game. Not a novel.”

it’s not too challenging, actually…#kicked

I recently change my phone. Hm. It feels a bit wrong. The other day, my brother bought me a new phone for my birthday. So finally I have more powerful phone now. And since the internal memory isn’t too pitiful like the former phone, I can now play variety of games in this. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a big fan of mobile games except mini games like Sudoku.

But I’ve had my fill for that and I don’t think I will install it for a while.

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[Games] Kathy Rain: “Eh? Is it raining? I feel as dry as ever.”

Kathy Rain is a–point-and-click–adventure game by Clifftop Games.

I’m not really a gamer, I often just play some games to pass time and stop whenever I feel like it. I don’t really like competing at something (since normally I sucked too much) and play it just for fun. That’s why puzzle games are definitely my glass of drink. It doesn’t pressure me to do it quick and I rarely get frustrated while playing it.

I mean, as long as I solved them, yeah?

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